Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camping over Memorial Day

We went camping over Memorial Day weekend and we had a good time. The best part was there was a little ravine right behind out campsite. There was an actual vine hanging from a tree and you could swing from it. Mind you, this is not a rope. It is a vine. I thought it was pretty cool and we all had to take a turn on it.
We went fishing and Scott got the prize, 2 turtles. I was upset that I didn't have my camera with me. He was upset that he had to get 2 snapping turtles off his line.
While we were fishing, there was a crane hanging out and Emmy really wanted to go get it.
It was a good time. A little hot but we enjoyed the time we had together. Oh, I almost forgot. I saw fireflies for the first time. It was the coolest thing.


Spilsbury Travels said...

trips like this are really magical and memorable for your whole family.
I'm so glad you have the availability to camp so close to home. What great experiences.
The first time your dad saw fireflies was in Subic Bay 1970 while he was walking to the base theater. They lit up the night sky, it was really amazing.

Jay and Stephanie Adams said...

You are so brave to go camping with a baby!! I admire you. And I miss fireflies. We used to catch them growing up during summers in NY. They're an awesome part of summer!