Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's great to be eight.

Morgan hit a milestone on sunday.

She is finally eight.

She can hardly wait until she is baptized at the end of the month.
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Growing up

As hard as I try to stop them, my kids just won't stop growing up. My Kennedy has changed forever. Her smile has been broken. She has changed in her prefect baby teeth smile for one with a hole. She was so excited to finally have achieved this rite of passage. I can't help but feel a little sad. They just won't stop growing.
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Spring in Houston

I love the Houston in the spring. Usually, it is just beautiful. March started out a little cold. We had a morning that even Ian needed to wear a jacket with a hood. I think the day started out at 38 degrees. That is freezing for us down here in the south. Then about a week later, we started out spring break at the pool on friday. Emmy loves to swim in the "cool." Morgan and Kennedy were loving it as well. I think we are ready for warmer weather in Texas.

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Class Projects

The girls have been working very hard at school this year. This month we has a couple of projects due. Kennedy wrote her first biography. She had research a famous American and write a report. She had to dress up like her subject and read her report in front of her class. She makes a great Pocahontas.

She presented with Johnny Appleseed, the Wright brothers, Martin Luther King Jr, Susan B Anthony, and Betsy Ross.

Morgan went on a vocabulary parade. She had to pick a word and dress up like.

She does contagious great, doesn't she.

Emmy can't wait to go to school and do projects, too.
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