Sunday, June 29, 2008

Noah's Ark Pool

This last week we went to this fun pool at a church, of all places, and the kids had a blast. It is called Noah's Ark Pool and the kiddie pool is fabulous. It has slides and waterfalls and is all of about a foot deep so the little kids can play and have a great time. Here is a picture of Emmy getting pushed down the rainbow slide. The little boy's mom was mortified but I am pretty sure that Emmy had pushed her share of kids that day and had it coming.

It also had a big pool with diving boards and some slides for the older kids and Morgan and Kennedy thought it was great. Kennedy really enjoyed her new found freedom with swimming all by herself in the deeper water. We usually go to the YMCA pool and they have the kids pass a swim test to go in the deeper water and on the water slide. Kennedy hasn't quite gotten the courage to pass the swim test. She didn't have to pass a test at this pool. She made me stay on standby in the water as she jumped until she felt confident. It was great.
Morgan thought it was great. She loves swimming and was excited to play on the diving board.
This is why they call it Noah's Ark Pool. The slide was better than I thought it would be and even the bigger kids really liked it. We had a lot of fun.
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Ian all dressed up

Who said that dressing boys isn't fun?
Isn't he the cutest thing?
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Emmy is getting big

Emersen is so much fun. She loves to keep me on my toes. She loves to get herself dressed all by herself. She prefers to do just about everything all by herself.

And she is very happy when thing go just the way she thinks they should. She has just made a big achievement. She can put her face in the water at the pool all by herself. She is so proud of herself that she wants to go to the pool just about everyday. When you ask her about it, she jumps up and down as she tells you what she can do. She also wants to wear a swimsuit all the time. It doesn't matter if it does belong to her big sister.

She just loves her little bother Ann and the dog Jimjar. There isn't anything better.

Except maybe her smile.

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Morgan is Fabulous

Morgan has had another great year at school. She earned a trophy for practicing 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for the whole school year. She worked very hard on that making sure she and Kennedy remembered to get that done even through the holidays and her mom having a baby. Way to go!

She also made the Principle's Honor Roll again this year which means that she had straight A's. Great Job!

She also enjoyed playing her violin this year and was the top of her magnet class this year even though she was the youngest in her class. She is flying.

She is also my saving grace at home. She is such a joy to have. She loves to help me whenever I need it. She is always willing to hold the baby when I am in the middle of making dinner and he wants to be held. She is always willing to help Emmy if I can't get to her right away. She will even put down her video games and watch her brother so I can take a shower. I really do appreciate everything she does to help out at home. Thanks Morgan.

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Kennedy is great

Kennedy has done great in school this year. She earned many awards.

She worked very hard all year to earn this trophy. She practiced her cello 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week all year long. She even managed to do that through the holidays and when her mom had a baby. Great job!

Kennedy also made the Honor Roll this year. She got A's and no more then 2 B's on her report card. Way to go!

She even manages to love her little sister which isn't always easy

She won't stop losing her teeth either. I have to admit that I love her little jack-o-lantern smile. Kids grow up too fast don't they.
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Ian is getting bigger everyday

Ian has been doing some very exciting things these last few weeks. The most exciting to him is that he is now rolling. He is skilled in swiftly getting off the blanket and making it about half way across the room. Some days he is really pleased with himself. Others he is just frustrated because he keeps getting stuck on his stomach.

His sister sure are proud of our little guy.

With a face like this, who came blame them.

Ian is also enjoying the delicacy of rice cereal. He is taking it like a man. I couldn't resist this picture. Maybe some day he will be able to grow the real thing.
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I'll do better

I know that no one probably checks out this blog anymore because I am such a slacker. I am going to do better. I was just sitting here reading up on a few blogs that I haven't read in a while and I started feeling rather ashamed about how badly I have been keeping up with ours. So I am now pledging to try to do better and try to post at least once a week. Those may be famous last words but I am going to try.